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Game Console And Phone Repair Info

Please Call 760-617-5555 to schedule the repair

Most Repairs $99.00 For Game Consoles 



 If we can not repair your device, or if you are unsatisfied with our easy-to-use repair solutions, we offer a thirty (30) day money back guarantee. You will receive a refund of the original repair cost minus any return shipping fees. If your unit is defective within the the (30) day period, the unit must be made available for inspection to qualify. If any parts are installed, the device must be returned and any parts removed.

Unfortunately, we do not accept water damaged phones, unless strictly pre approved. We've seen too many issues with water damaged phones, and they typically require too many parts and a lot of good luck to get working again. If you send in your phone, without our approval, we will simply ship the phone back to you, and you will be invoiced return shipping fees.

In the rare circumstances we are unable to repair your console or phone, we will return your unit to you without any inspection or bench fees. Customers will receive a refund minus return shipping charges of $12.50. We will not bill you any labor, there will be no bench fees or hidden fees.

Warranties only cover the repair performed. For example, if you had a blu-ray disc drive replacement. Your warranty period covers only the blu-ray drive. In the event your console develops other common issues, i.e the Yellow Light of Death. That is not covered under warranty.

If you had a LCD/Glass replacement on your iPhone or BlackBerry. The warranty only covers defective parts. If the phone is dropped, lost, or damaged. The warranty does not cover a full replacement. However, we are more than glad to offer a discount.

As soon as your item is received, on average repairs take only 48-72 hours to get repaired, minus holidays and weekends. In the event there is a delay you will be notified.

You only need to send the unit. Do not include any accessories. Accessories that should not be sent are: A/V and power cables, controllers, game cases, cooling fans and or any customized accessories. In the event they are mailed to us, we will do our best to ship them back to you free of charge with your order.

 All Major Credit Cards Accepted, Also PayPal